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Pre-departure checklist

To do in the weeks before you depart

  • Apply for passport
  • Arrange student visa
  • Arrange to arrive in Adelaide 2 – 5 days before Orientation Day at Eynesbury
  • Arrange accommodation with Eynesbury or privately
  • Arrange for immunisations and medications with doctor
  • Have a thorough medical, optical and dental check up
  • Have some cash in Australian dollars to cover taxis, small expenses and some extra money and / or bank draft to cover initial expenses and accommodation (refer to your accommodation letter for amounts)
  • Confirm overseas access to your funds with your bank
  • Confirm travel arrangements with airline
  • Arrange travel insurance if required
  • Advise Eynesbury of flight details (all students including those that have made their own arrangements)
  • Check the maximum amount of kilograms you are allowed to carry with airline
  • Check the quarantine and customs regulations to be aware of what you CANNOT bring into Australia
  • Arrange transport from airport to accommodation (if you are arranging independent accommodation)

Pack your bags being sure to include the following important documents

  • Valid passport with valid student visa
  • Letter of Offer from Eynesbury
  • Your electronic confirmation of enrolment (CoE)
  • Medical or optical prescriptions / certificates
  • ID cards and certified copy of birth certificate
  • Driver’s licence (If your home licence is not in English, you should bring a certified translation with the licence)
  • Certified copies of your academic transcripts and certificates (including evidence of your English language proficiency) if you have not already provided them
  • References from previous employers if you are planning to look for part time work
  • Receipts for valuable new goods that you are bringing with you to Australia
  • Contact phone numbers / email addresses for family and friends